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AC Repair Services in Hyderabad

Having an AC issue that needs to be repaired?

Chilledcon Services offers the best AC Repair Services in Hyderabad and Secunderabad at the most affordable prices. We are a one-stop solution for all your AC servicing needs as the last thing you would want on a really hot summer day is to switch on your AC, only to find that it doesn’t work. Our AC technicians are much more professional and fix any issue with your air conditioner easily.

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Best AC Repair Services in Hyderabad

We offer our AC Repair Services to almost every brand purchased in India

AC Installation Services:

Chilledcon is a professional AC Installation service in Hyderabad. We have been working with clients for 8 years, where we have built a loyal client base composed of homeowners and commercial companies all over the city.

A team of experienced and professional ac installers is sent out to address all our client’s needs. When it comes to both our installation and uninstallation services, we have done over one lakh plus installation jobs for different clients, including installation and Uninstallation, across the city, using our trademark quality service to install several other models of air-conditioners from top AC manufacturers in our region.

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AC Installation Services
AC Uninstallation Services

AC Uninstallation Service

Are you looking for AC uninstallation services? If yes, then you are available at the right place.

Some of the major steps involved in window AC uninstall are:

Window AC unit is truly unplugged: To start window AC uninstallation, the AC unit is turned off and unplugged from the power outlet.

Padding and insulation are removed: After the AC unit, it is unplugged, insulation-like foam paddings pressed against the sides of the device are removed.

Air filter and front cover are removed: After the AC unit has been unplugged, the front cover of the window AC is removed. The front covers of the window AC can be removed without the help of any tool, but some require the use of a screwdriver.

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AC Gas Filling

When your AC unit is working correctly but not cooling your room efficiently, or warm air coming from the vents or ice is forming on the evaporator coil, then it is time to refill the gas. We provide a gas filling service for all kinds of AC units. So what are you waiting for? Pick your mobile and contact us now!

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AC Gas Filling Services
AC Advanced Piping Systems

AC advanced piping system.

With years of experience and education, we are more than qualified to service all brands of air conditioning with advanced AC Advanced Piping Services in Hyderabad. Make sure that you are assured that we have the skill and knowledge to solve any challenges. At Chilledcon, our professional repair team is up-to-date with the latest developments and products in the industry and is more than equipped to provide premium piping services.

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AC Repairs

Our AC service begins with a high professional diagnosis to make sure we have identified the true cause of your air conditioning problem. Chilledcon has the equipment and trained technicians to ensure your AC system functions properly and efficiently with our air conditioning service.

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AC Repair Services in Hyderabad
AC AMC Contract Services

AC Annual Maintenance Contract

AC Annual Maintenance Contract,just like any other equipment, requires proper care and maintenance to prevent their health from depreciating. Without doing proper care, your air conditioning unit is bound to give you problems in the future. We at Chilledcon offer affordable plans, which you can select based on what works best for you. We provide a team of committed engineers and experts who understand your air conditioning needs and are always ready to take care of any technical problems. Servicing is highly important for the longevity of your air conditioning equipment.

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